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What strikes most visitors about us is our name. And we have been mostly barraged with questions related to what made us choose this name.

Quite unequivocally, we chose BigSwitch – it was clear that changing the mindset was not one of the easiest things on the planet. There have been countless rants about people wanting to do something about saving the planet for future generations before things start going the Dodo’s way. But for all the noise that is heard, only a few back it up with solid, concrete action.

That’s where we step in, and provide a platform to help people make a definitive, positive and long-time change. Change that shall stay for about 25 years!

To cut a long story short and to put our work in its perspective (i.e. what we do for a living), we are an E-P-C company into the field of Renewable Energy that employs Solar and Wind resources. Quite simply, EPC stands for Engineering, Procurement and Construction and we provide Product-consultancy and Services to Clients who wish to 'Go-Green' for their energy requirements. We assess their energy needs and provide end-to-end solutions. Solar and Wind, both being Renewable Energy sources are  widely promulgated by Governments around the world as being the Energy solutions of the future, and we support individuals and corporates interested in attaining a Green footprint while significantly lowering their energy consumption and costs.

Promoters and Founders :

Prasad Kulkarni

Significant Managerial and Operational experience across diverse industries such as Manufacturing, Information Technology , Education and Banking across several countries. Having spent over a decade & a half helping Corporates attain their goals using new-age concepts of Lean, Six Sigma, and TRIZ, he spends significant amount of time following his passion for Renewable Energy and helping Clients attain their Clean Energy goals.

When he is not rambling about saving the world, you may find him playing Nintendo !

Puja Goswami

A Finance Management professional with several successful businesses to her credit, Puja continues to create inroads and challenge stereotypes! With over a decade of experience across all facets of Products & Services encompassing various industries, her passion for perfection remains unrivalled within the team.