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EPC Photovoltaic/Wind-hybrid solutions

It is said that the amount of energy incident on our planet from the Sun in a single day, is far more than what the earth consumes in one year ! That said, it is only too easy to comprehend that the Sun is the single-largest source of energy that sustains life and eco-systems on our diverse planet. Then why not put this energy to good-use of mankind?

For a country as blessed as ours and with over 300 days of sunshine in a particular year, Solar Energy is the most promising alternative source of energy of the century. In addition, if your Business or Home is located in a windy zone, you already have nature’s bountiful blessings in the form of Wind energy, another renewable energy source.

Our innovative hybrid solutions comprising of Solar Cells and Wind turbines can help reduce your energy load and leave the planet a better place for our future generations.

As an EPC solution provider (EPC stands for Engineering, Procurement & Construction), we are committed to helping Clients attain their energy goals. You could be a home-owner, or a Business wanting to reduce your dependency on fossil-fuel generated energy, or working towards a Green-compliance goal, or possibly just wanting to reduce your energy bills. We can partner with you to help you achieve that goal through our EPC Photovoltaic/Wind-hybrid solutions.

For Domestic Energy users and housing societies, we have a range of innovative offerings in the Rooftop PV solutions category, with products in the 600Wp-5KWp range. Please contact us for your requirements and for a discussion.
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