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Lets face it ! We are a power-hungry nation and there’s no denying that we consume all of the total energy produced locally, and fall short of our requirements by a significant margin. Energy demand is highly co-related to economic growth, and the wealth of a nation can be assuaged from the energy infrastructure investments made by its people and the Government.

With our constant need of energy to fuel our current existence and our future, it is very important to build scalable energy systems to ensure the drum-beat of the economy continues unabated.

With this backdrop, the team at BigSwitch India has embarked upon a vision to help people achieve their energy requirements via Clean energy. We sincerely believe that the answers to the future of the planet largely depend on the actions taken in the present moment, and we would like to play a role in this momentous journey.

We have not inherited the Earth from our ancestors……
We have borrowed it from our children !